59S X1 UVC LED Sterilization Box
59S X1 UVC LED Sterilization Box
59S X1 UVC LED Sterilization Box
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59S X1 UVC LED Sterilization Box

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59S is a world-leader in UVC sterilization products. We are proud to offer this high-end import from a trusted manufacturer.  This multi-functional sterilization box uses 8 industry leading UVC LEDs to deliver rapid decontamination of anything that you can fit in the box. This box features one-touch, enclosed,  60 and 90 second sterilization cycle.  It safely sterilizes your phone, face masks and respirators, keys, and anything else that you can think to put in the box. 




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Manufacturer: 59S

Disinfection time: 120s
Power Source: electric